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What we look for

We are concious of our skills, we are not gurus, so we don't look for gurus. However, we think there is a lot of wasted talent in our country, lot of professionals whose ability and aspirations are bigger than they seem to be which, to survive, have to dedicate their time to program typical and dull administrative applications for a state-owned company. Many of them don't know how to start or don't dare, or simply think it's impossible to manage a project alone. On the other hand, it's worth to say that there are hundreds of engineers / programmers that maybe are dissapointed due to the industrial outlook or maybe have settled in their jobs and think they will practice their profession for life just because they have a degree. If you belong to the latter group, please, safe us time and close the explorer window. We need people with vocation, with curiosity, with willingness to create.

A professional's desirable charasteristics would be:

  • Self-taught: There are lot of things to research and to learn during the development. Although there will be always mates able to lend a hand, it's vital that the person knows how to solve his own problems and, if it's possible, apply the best solution after studying the available techniques.
  • Sensible: It's not only about doing the work with rigor but to also attending to meetings, dedicating the time he has commited to, letting the team know about unexpected impediments or difficulties... Of course this has nothing to do with the sense of humor, we have always kept a nice work environment and we want to keep it as is.
  • Team worker: Most of the tasks are to be done by a single person, so interaction with other mates is not needed very often. However, the person has to know that what he does affects the rest of the team; if he doesn't dedicate enough time to certain task which other tasks depend on, he will block other team members; the project is the main thing instead of personal medals. One have to know how to tell other mate he is wrong or he has made a mistake, in the same way he has to accept other mates' criticisms without taking them personally, having always in mind that what all we want is to obtain the best result possible. It's better that we discover the errors before users do.
  • Persistent: Quimera Engine can't be finished in 2 days. This is easy to understand but hard to support for lot of people. Due to the project's dimensions, the quality we want to deliver it with and the limited resources we have, the progress is slow, giving the impression it's stuck. The collaborator must have long-term expectations and be patient, we advance slowly but never stop. Besides, the project will not progress faster than we code so, if one wants to go faster, it's only a matter of working harder.
  • With time: It seems obvious, but having time doesn't mean to dedicate an afteroon per week. Collaborators are required to dedicate about 10 hours a week (nobody is going to check that, of course) and to be relatively contactable by email or in the forums, so no more than 2 days pass without responding. Entering the project imply some commitments, it's preferable not to enter "just in case",  if you are not sure you will be able to fulfill.
  • To be spaniard: No, it's not a patriotism attack. We are consciuous of the image the spanish professional has in the rest of Europe or North America, myths that little by little are being dispelled thanks to other profession colleages' good work. We want to demostrate that we can make great things, that we are serious and technically well-prepared. At least, it benefits ourselves. It's the only way to build up a reputation that lets us to attract investors and generate new business oportunities in our territory instead of having to go for them outside.

Regarding the technical skills or indispensable knowledge:

  • Experience working with C++ (professional or not): It's vital to have a deep knowledge of the language. This doesn't mean to have taken 6 month lessons or to have passed a degree subject but to have fought against real problems during a development and to know lots of tricks of its syntax, as well as contepts related to the hardware.
  • Advanced English level, writting and reading: Collaborators must be able to express theirselves in English so they can write technical documentation and support non-Spanish-speaking users.

Extra knowledge we consider interesting:

  • Experience with DirectX or OpenGL.
  • Experience developing under Linux or Mac.
  • Experience with Assembly language.
  • Experience with shaders.
  • Experience with Audio libraries.
  • Experience with profilers in C++ projects.
  • Experience with Boost.
  • Experience with Ogre3D, Irrlitch or similar engines.


Why should I join?

Reasons to join can be very different depending on who is asked, it's so subjective. Somebody wants to feel fulfilled or to have something to show when looking for a job, to know other colleages, to learn, to improve and keep their skills... or all those things at the same time. For other people it supposes a challenge, a way to demostrate what they can do. It's clear to us that, except money, we all earn something day by day. If you love the world of videogames and low level programming, you will love developing Quimera Engine.

Apart from what mentioned before, now we have a ranking system with which more active collaborators are rewarded symbollically (physical and digital prizes).

It seems something unachievable, gigantic, but... What if we achieve it? Wouldn't you want to take part on this?

Slow but steady, we will arrive, we are sure about that.


I want to join. How do I start?

The way for joining the project is to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , explaining:

  • Work experience / personal experience.
  • What is intended to contribute with.
  • What is expected to receive during participation.


Maybe you find more information in the Collaborators part, in the F. A. Q. section.