The team

Kinesis Team

We are a software development group from different places of Spain, formed in 2010, whose first objective is to make the development of Quimera Engine real, the first Spain-origin generic videogame engine for free. We share our passion for videogames and aspire to leave our footprint in a world that seems to be limited to few people due to economic barriers.

The name of the team was decided by ballot from a set of proposals and means movement.

The team composition has changed a lot along the years, fluctuating between 2 and 7 members. Nobody knows each other personally, we work remotely during the free time we can spend and we intend always to keep a relaxing and cooperative tone, for the sake of the project and the team.

It's not a hieararchical team, apart from some differences bewteen management and collaborators. A "strong core" is necessary for marking the course to follow (but ready to deviate if that helps to improve the final result's quality) and assuring the project's continuity and coherence. Beyond that, absolutely all the decisions are questionable and must be questioned by all, the opposite would mean the project has no future. We all write code, we all have something to teach and something to learn.

If you are interested in joining us, please refer to this section.


Team members


Real name: Alejandro Villalba Ávila
Origin: Málaga, Spain
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Responsibility: Founder, manager, architect, developer
Collaboration time: July 2010 - Today (> 4 years)
Developments: He has participated in all the components.
Some words: "It doesn't matter how great your technical skills are, if your teamwork skills are poor, it's like multiplying 1 billion by zero". "Happyness is vector, not a point". "Be pragmatic, not dogmatic".



NameResponsabilityTasksMessagesJoining dateLeaving dateRough time
Jwladi Founder, Developer 96 2339 August 2010 October 2012 2 years
Nexus6 Founder, Developer 2 168 July 20101,
October 20122
December 20101,
November 20122
6 months
ShengPing Founder, Developer 10 69 July 2010 April 2011 9 months
AndersonJAG Developer 23 720 January 20111, January 20142 January 20121, September 20142 1 year and 9 months
Marci Developer 9 102 January 2011 September 2011 8 months
Txaneto Developer 11 165 April 2011 November 2011 7 months
Borderpanic Developer 9 153 April 2012 September 2012 5 months
Skid Developer 2 81 June 2011 August 2011 2 months
Gallo Developer 3 81 May 2011 July 2011 2 months
DavidLuis Developer 3 43 April 2013 June 2013 3 months
LuisJavier Developer 2 16 October 2010 December 2010 2 months
Jmartin Developer 1 19 January 2012 February 2012 1 month
KibaWolf Translator 15 52 October 20121, January 20142 November 20122, May 20142 6 months
Pentacour Developer 5 136 January 2014 April 2014 4 months
RuLoVic Developer 15 70 January 2014 June 2014 6 months


To all the people that have dedicated their time and effort to make this project move forward: thanks.