The project

Quimera Engine is an ambitious project started in 2010 by a small group of developers, self named Kinesis Team, determined to develop the first Spanish-origin generic videogames engine, totally for free.

It's neither a videogame, an engine for a type of videogame, a graphic engine nor a visual design tool for videogames (for now), but a set of libraries written in C++ that provides the necessary infrastructure for a videogame developer to forget about the hardware, operating system or low-level libraries. The intention is that the design has the maximum modularization and ease of use and scalability possible, without hitting the performance.

The engine covers all the scopes that compose a videogame: 2D and 3D graphics, sound, communications, IO devices, assets loading, collisions detection, etc. Every component implementation is customizable, although common ones are offered at first (for example, for the graphics module, there are implementations for DirectX 11 or Open GL 4.5, or it can be implemented by the user using Ogre3D).

Quimera Engine is portable for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and therefore it is for PC and Mac platforms. Consoles and mobile devices are not, hence, in the scope, although it's possible that, in the medium-long term, a port for NaCl is released.

Quimera Engine is Open Source and totally for free, for personal and commercial use, under LGPL license, being ideal for low-cost studios or indie developers.

Although the project is boosted by Spaniards, it's not intended to limit the community to Spain. Quiet the contrary, Kinesis Team offers international support in English, as other development group does, but counting also with the advantage of being able to communicate with Spanish speaking users in a more direct and efficient way.

Finally, we appeal for Spaniard developers to collaborate with us actively, developing and designing, or passively, as consultants.



For more detailed clarifications, please refer to the F. A. Q section.