Phase 1 ends

We have ended this stage, and we have achieved to get one step closer to the upper level layers, we have reinforced the infrastructure, tested new ways of working and updated third-party software. Here you have a summary of what have been developed during this phase, for nearly four months, and other relevant events:

  • Unicode encoding support, through the class QStringUnicode, based on the ICU library. It can be alternated with the string class of the STL if only ASCII encoding is needed, through a compilation flag.
  • Calculation and management of dates and time tools, through QDateTime, QTimeSpan, QTimeZone and SQTimeZoneFactory classes.
  • Memory allocation optimization tools, through QPoolAllocator and QStackAllocator classes. Global 'new' operators overloads have been added too.
  • Data containers design, which implementation is still pending to be completed, through QFixedArray, QDynamicArray, QList, QBinarySearchTree and QNTree classes.
  • Introduction of new concepts in the engine's core, through QObject and QType classes.
  • Mac OS X support, it can be compiled in this platform using GCC.
  • Boost library update to version 1.55.0.
  • CodeBlocks projects updated to version 13.10.
  • Engine's lower layers redesign, Common layer introduced and Core layer moved.
  • Internal testing system improved.
  • Asserts improved.
  • Other minor refactorings.
  • The Test Automation Tool, which we use to automate the unit tests execution, has been improved to expedite the work of developing new tests. Now the results window is separated from the execution window.
  • Reward system, or collaborators ranking, introduced and tested by first time. 3 prizes have been given, 2 digital videogames and 1 physical book. On the march, this system was improved to reward also the effort of reviewing other team mate's code.
  • The team members Thund and AndersonJAG attended to RetroMadrid 2014, where they met in person by first time and represented the project.

It's important to emphasize that all the development has been documented, revised and tested (now we have more than 5.500 tests that cover 16 compilation configurations).

Congratulations to all who participated during this phase and have maintained the project alive. Now, let's go for the next phase!

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How to collaborate?

You can contact us via e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Twitter (@QuimeraEngine). We'll make a written interview to know if the person is adequate to be part of the team.

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